OSHEYA Future Academy will place YOU ahead of the game!

We are preparing global health leaders for the future, Exploring Deep Technologies and understanding Socio Technological trends that shape the world, Health and Wellness Industries, and your organization.

Through our events you will expand your horizons, and equip yourself with the tools, connections and resources to successfully make an impact and lead your team to the future.

Experience deep learning of topics like:

  • The consumer driven health-care revolution.
  • Organizations 3.0 – Reinventing organizations.
  • Will AI replace physicians and what new professions and skills will be needed?
  • Gene-Editing in curing and preventing diseases
  • IOT and its effects on wellness.
  • Pharma 3.0 – How is personalized health changing the Pharma industry?
  • Management in an Exponential world.
  • AR and VR uses in health-care.
  • Bio-hacking Health.
  • How Nano-Robots will affect medicine?
  • Quantify-Self trends and its applications on the health and wellness industries.

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